Moving on

Ending the MCO too soon? It is clear the Government was hasty when it announced rather suddenly that most businesses can now operate from May 4th, literally 3 days before. They are expected to follow “strict” standard operating procedures, which includes social distancing, hand sanitisers, frequent disinfection and limiting the number of workers in the Read More

The Human Touch

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown everyone how technology can assist in maintaining some semblance of normalcy. From video conferencing to food home delivery, there is little doubt that it has made any quarantine measures more acceptable. Even late night talk show hosts have continued with their shows from home, made possible using technology. Many artistes have given free online concerts to keep the many individuals cocooned in their homes entertained. Read More

COVID 19 Update

The rumour mills are in full steam as speculations are abundant as to whether the Movement Control Order (MCO) will be extended beyond 14 April. One thing is crystal clear – it will not be life as usual.

Public health measures and restrictions will continue to apply. Social distancing rules will continue. This means large gatherings, especially religious activities, should continue to be forbidden. Crowd control at markets or any retail businesses should be strictly enforced. Even restaurants must limit diners and takeaways be encouraged.

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