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COVID 19 Update

The rumour mills are in full steam as speculations are abundant as to whether the Movement Control Order (MCO) will be extended beyond 14 April. One thing is crystal clear – it will not be life as usual.

Public health measures and restrictions will continue to apply. Social distancing rules will continue. This means large gatherings, especially religious activities, should continue to be forbidden. Crowd control at markets or any retail businesses should be strictly enforced. Even restaurants must limit diners and takeaways be encouraged.

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CORONAVIRUS : Movement Control Order

Malaysia is now completing the first week of a movement restriction order (MCO). This was put in place to enforce social distancing and break the chain of transmission. As the numbers of infected rise, the end is certainly not near and likely the MCO has to be extended. COVID19 is the name given to this disease from a virus, SARS COV-2. Yes it is a relative of the original SARS virus and do share some similar properties. Read More

COVID 19 : A new era

Well, there has been a lot of criticisms about the reaction to this coronavirus infection. We know the majority of infections are mild and the mortality rate is still fairly low, compared to infections like Ebola or even Zika. Read More