Covid19 : why the fuss

Well, there has been a lot of criticisms about the reaction to this coronavirus infection. We know the majority of infections are mild and the mortality rate is still fairly low, compared to infections like Ebola or even Zika.

Many also attempt to draw comparisons with the yearly influenza infection, which claims more lives annually and will continue to do so. This is due to the fact the the influenza virus mutates easily and thus initiates a cat and mouse game with the human immune defence mechanisms.

The urgency about CoVID19 is that this virus is contagious and has the capability of taking lives, even if the current rate is low. And it is novel, being new, the key of nipping it in the bud, before it claims more lives or develops the ability to mutate and take a stronger hold in the human population. Once a vaccine has been successfully developed, we can then have a better way of protecting ourselves.

Indeed it doesn’t appear that CoVID19 will exterminate humankind, far from it. It is almost a test run, to get humans ready for the big one. To gel our responses and ensure we are battle hardy and ready. There is much work to be done. Lessons need to be learnt and tough, difficult decisions need to be made.

CoVID19 epidemic will pass. It is a matter of casualties that the global community has to limit. At the end of the day, those thousands of lives that perished and perhaps more, are each worth fighting for. No doubt a battle that we will have to win.