The future of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Using machine learning to predict deterioration of patients, in this case paediatric patients, is something that will likely be the norm in the future landscape of healthcare.This study looks at machine learning as a tool to predict decompensation of paediatric patients in the ward thus needing ICU stay.

Technology has always been touted to ‘mend’ the failures of Man. Medical errors are common and often under-reported and unknown. Patients can sometimes pay the ultimate price for such failures in the healthcare system. The question remains, ” Can technology be depended upon to ensure patient safety?”

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Time to change the drug rehabilitation process

“Pusat Serenti”, Malaysia’s compulsory drug detention centres has always been deemed a failure. It has been plagued by inefficiencies, corruption and poor staffing.

Drug addicts are often involved in crime and some of them violent, inviting a label of being the pariahs of society. So such detention centres are often seen as justice.

However, many do not believe that criminalising drug addicts and keeping them in a confined space is humane and this practice may even contradict basic human rights.

Drug rehabilitation advocates have longed fought for a change in the way Malaysia runs its drug rehabilitation process. Adding humanity to this process via a voluntary programme has been seen as more effective and certainly humane way of tackling this issue.

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