Time to change the drug rehabilitation process

“Pusat Serenti”, Malaysia’s compulsory drug detention centres has always been deemed a failure. It has been plagued by inefficiencies, corruption and poor staffing.

Drug addicts are often involved in crime and some of them violent, inviting a label of being the pariahs of society. So such detention centres are often seen as justice.

However, many do not believe that criminalising drug addicts and keeping them in a confined space is humane and this practice may even contradict basic human rights.

Drug rehabilitation advocates have longed fought for a change in the way Malaysia runs its drug rehabilitation process. Adding humanity to this process via a voluntary programme has been seen as more effective and certainly humane way of tackling this issue.

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New tax system for Specialists!

Recently the Inland Revenue Department has issued a new directive that specialists can no longer form a private limited company (Sdn Bhd) and declare their income via this mode. They must declare their earnings under personal income. Corporate taxes have always been lower by up to 6% which is substantial. After years of approving this, IRB has now made an about turn, forcing specialists to declare their income under the personal income category.

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