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Nurses question why govt hospital understaffed but grads jobless
Posted on May 20, 2015, Wednesday

KUCHING: Nurses working in a public sector hospital have questioned how it is possible for thousands of nursing graduates to be jobless when the hospital they work for is acutely short of nurses.
According to them, it was heartbreaking to read of the plight of the nursing graduates in thesundaypost as most wards in their hospital are understaffed.
They claimed many nurses often have to work double shifts, are forced to work overtime, while some cannot take their day off.

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It can be perplexing to healthcare workers when staffing is short but yet new graduates have a tough time getting a position. This comes during a time when the 11th Malaysia Plan is being rolled out. It gives us very optimistic figures and almost appears surreal. With budget cuts being felt all around us, it almost seems an unsurmountable target. New graduates cannot get jobs, forcing many to venture across the Causeway, which always is ready to give these grads a position.

So why have we not foreseen this coming? Couldn’t we have planned better? Was this situation avoidable?

The answer is clearly “Yes”. The shortage of houseman positions, for example, has long been forecasted by many. Yet, there almost is a sense of apathy and nothing much was done to tackle the situation. If Singapore can afford to accommodate our students, why can’t we do the same for our own graduates?

One point is clear, our leaders have failed us miserably. Sure life will go on and the remaining workforce will work hard to keep it afloat, but things could have been so much better, had we had the competence to plan.

As much as Malaysia wants to break out of that middle income trap, it must first break out of that mediocrity trap. Sadly this has been consciously ignored.