Medical students : please flow with the times

20130618-201241.jpgMedical textbooks used to be the treasure chest of knowledge. However since the digital era, this is no longer the case. The Internet has revolutionised the way information is disseminated.

So, it is a wonder that medical students continue to hold on to textbooks. Some fault lies in the medical educators themselves who remain archaic and infer that the Internet is not to be trusted. Wikipedia seems to get the brunt of it with many medical students informing me that they have been warned to stay away from Wikipedia . This is perplexing when Wikipedia is still well referenced.

The social media has painted an ugly picture for the Internet sowing the seeds of distrust. Conversely, many have used it to their advantage , gathering information at the speed of light, while forming a network which was never possible before.

Apps like Evernote has enabled sharing of information which is more efficient and organised. Gone are the days where physical notes are shared and photocopied. There is also no worry about losing your notes or the ink fading with time. Illegible handwriting is also a thing of the past.

Video conferencing capabilities that the Internet offers can also allow students to discuss remotely or to have a conversation with their teachers at more convenient times.

Devices are becoming portable. The ease of use also allows most technophobic individuals to master important functions. Prices are also comparable to the many medical textbooks that is otherwise needed.

So all a medical student needs is a device with the necessary apps to carry along. Lose those medical handbooks that may not be up to date and make searching for information such a painful task.

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