Child Education : Using technology to our advantage

20130215-155658.jpgHow often have we seen parents conveniently placing an iPad in front of a child while they dine? There are certainly proponents and opponents to this move. Are they actually depriving their child of meaningful interactions with humans? Or will it actually enhance their abilities to use these gadgets placed right in front of them?

Often we hear the term “Disconnect to reconnect “. This is an attempt to get people to disconnect from their gadgets to start talking to one another. One has to admit that these gadgets have changes the way we communicate with each other but should it replace a face to face interaction where non verbal communication is so important to drive a point across.

So how then can we use technology to educate our children? Are they just tools to distract an active child?

No doubt we cannot refuse the fact that technological gadgets are here to stay. Teaching children to use these tools early will likely be advantageous.

So how best can we balance giving children enough exposure to use technology but at the same time not allowing it to replace important elements of traditional learning?

Perhaps the seminar on “How families can benefit from gadgets” will prove useful to all parents.

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How families can benefit from gadgets