More transparency in drug pricing needed


We have written about this on several occasions. However, there is a need to inject more urgency into this issue. Drug prices are escalating especially the newer generations of medicines. Often the defence to expensive medicines is the high cost…

Elusive Dengue Vaccine


There has been much debate on why the Government has yet to introduce the dengue vaccine in Malaysia.

Many reasons from the poor efficacy against the DEN2 serotype which is the most prevalent strain in Malaysia, to the fast that cost benefit aspect needs to be taken into account.

New tax system for Specialists!


Recently the Inland Revenue Department has issued a new directive that specialists can no longer form a private limited company (Sdn Bhd) and declare their income via this mode. They must declare their earnings under personal income. Corporate taxes have always been lower by up to 6% which is substantial. After years of approving this, IRB has now made an about turn, forcing specialists to declare their income under the personal income category.

Medical Errors : How bad is it in Malaysia?


A recent analysis published in the BMJ highlighted the issue of medical errors. It stated that if medical errors was a disease it would rank as the third highest cause of death in the United States. Even in the US, the problem is not very clear as the cause of death does not usually reflect if errors were part of this process.